About Me

Hello! I am a licensed clinical social worker and have worked for over 20 years in a variety of settings, including community and private mental health clinics, schools, and within the insurance industry and non-profit sectors. Since 2014, I have been dedicated solely to private practice. I am LGBTQIA+-affirming. I work from a feminist and anti-racist framework.

I offer EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy,  a well-researched, effective psychotherapy method, to help people move through past negative experiences. I am an EMDR certified therapist and have been using it in my practice since 2018. I find EMDR therapy to be an extremely powerful and efficient modality. I have witnessed many clients experience significant relief from many different issues, such as past trauma (medical, sexual, and physical), as well as phobias, depression, and anxiety after working with EMDR. Read more about EMDR.

I tailor my approach to each individual client and also draw upon CBT and ACT, approaches that bring intention and change to one’s thought patterns and the importance of self-compassion and mindfulness. I frequently train in treatment different modalities and stay up to date with current research.


  • NC Clinical Social Worker license # C005837
  • MSW, University of South Carolina, 1999
  • B.S. Psychology, Guilford College, 1996
  • Basic training in EMDR, completed in 2018
  • EMDR Certified Therapist as of April, 2023

Please call me to schedule a brief consultation free of charge at 984-377-2790.