Phone: (984) 377-2790
Email: [email protected]
(Confidentiality of email cannot be guaranteed.)

Office Location

112 Swift Avenue, Durham, NC 27705

(Currently services are being provided via telehealth due to COVID-19)

My office is located in a grey and black Victorian home that has been converted into office space located on Swift Avenue close to the intersection of NC-147 and Swift Avenue. 112 Swift is the middle of the three grey buildings in the 110 block of Swift Avenue (the small cottage is the one closest to the highway and 112 is right next to it.) If coming from the Broad Street side of Swift, 112 Swift is on the right just past where West Main Street and the train tracks cross over Swift Ave. You can access the building via several different driveways which come off of Swift Avenue as well as West Pettigrew Street that is perpendicular to Swift.

If you are coming from 147 South, take a left at the Swift Ave. exit and then turn left into the driveway at 112 Swift; if coming from 147 North, you would take a right and then an immediate left into the driveway at 112 (or you could go down a block and turn left at West Pettigrew and take an immediate left into the first parking lot.

Parking is available anywhere around the perimeter of 112 Swift, including behind it between 112 and the tiny cottage that is right on the corner of 147 and Swift, as well as in the spaces around 110 Swift, which is the similar building right next to 112.

Unfortunately, the building is not wheelchair-accessible; my office is on the second floor.

Office Hours (subject to change)

8:00 AM- 3:00 PM Monday through Wednesday